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AeroShell Turbine 560 (Case of 24 Single Quart Cans)

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AeroShell Turbine Oil 560 is a third generation 'low coking' 5 centistoke synthetic hindered ester lubricating oil. It incoporates advanced additive technology and a fine balance of additives to resist the high temperatures generated by turbine engines. These carefully selected components result in a product which greatly reduces the deposits caused by high temperature conditions and improves overall engine performance. The balanced blend of additives also improves the thermal and oxidational stability.

The outstanding high temperature and oxidation stability of AeroShell Turbine Oil 560 is due to the natural properties of the synthetic hindered ester base fluid used. These fluids are clean running in that they tend to dissolve varnish and sludge rather than leave deposits on working surfaces.

AeroShell Turbine Oil 560 was developed essentially to meet the high temperature requirements of both modern engines and future models. Higher operating temperatures and pressures, improved engine performance and lower maintenance practices have resulted in increased severity in lubricant operating conditions. Type II oils are becoming less suitable for use in modern aircraft engines.

The superior load carrying qualities of AeroShell Turbine Oil 560 is demonstrated by the Ryder Gear Test which compares older Type II oils and other competitive third generation oils. In standard load carrying tests AeroShell Turbine Oil 560 achieves 8% improvement over other competitive MIL-L-23699 or DERD 2499 oil on the market. Research and Development has enabled the most suitable selection of additives to be used in order to provide the superior load carrying and exceptional resistance to high temperature oxidation.

AeroShell Turbine Oil 560 is also approved for use in the industrial versions of certain aero-engines listed in this leaflet.

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